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"We chose Houghton Preschool as we felt the smaller size would allow for greater level of individual attention. It offers a more flexible and approachable learning environment when compared to larger preschools, and our son has felt ‘at home’ right from his very first pre-entry visit."

"We chose Houghton Preschool because we loved that it was a small group of students with lovely teachers, which has made it very comfortable for our girls. Kindy days have quickly become their favourite days of the week.

We’re also finding the connection with Paracombe Primary school absolutely fantastic, with the amount of time they get to spend at the school during their kindy year it completely takes the stress out of starting school as they’re already so comfortable there."

Jessica Doherty

"My daughter loves going to Houghton Preschool because of all the fun activities and learning she does. I am happy she finds preschool such a rewarding and positive experience."

"I value that Houghton Preschool offers a nurturing environment for kids to transition to education. They receive personal individual attention and children feel empowered and safe to interact in this environment. Children can explore through both self-paced and structured activities and develop independence, communication and thinking skills through numerous activities offered. Houghton Preschool offers open spaces to explore and develop in a quaint country environment.

The variety of activities and learning opportunities offered is amazing and a key attribute of the Preschool and credit to the teaching. Children have the ability to learn and interact through cooking, art work, bike riding and craft. The use of natural recycled products such as stones, shells and wood are available and offer perfect tools for learning.

The care and attention provided to the children at Houghton Preschool from the teaching and support staff is of the highest standard. The friendships made by children and parents are heart warming. My child looks forward to Preschool everyday and we feel part of the community. This is a best choice I made so far as a parent and truly feel I have provided my child the best place to start the process of learning and growing."

Cheree Bonnici